Tom Greder captivates his audience leading them to a world where life and comedy become one.

Developed over 34 years the world over, his unique style, range of physical skills and vast experience

allow Tom to adapt to the nature of any audience, anywhere.


  • Australia: Australian National Circus Festival | West Australian & Tasmanian Circus Festivals | Adelaide, Melbourne & Brisbane Fringe Festivals | Brisbane Biennial Festival | Woodford Folk Festival | Port Faery Folk Festival
  • Austria: Linz Pflasterspektakel | Feldkirch Gaukler Festival | Villach Festival | Saltzburg Festival
  • Belgium: Chassepierre Festival | Gent Festival | Namur en Mai | CIRKL Festival, Leuven | Sinsken festival, Kortrijk | City of Wings Festival Ypres
  • Catalonia: La Mercè Festival, Barcelona
  • China: Little Orange Castle Theatre, Beijing, Shenzhen & Chongqing
  • Croatia: Festival of New Circus Zagreb
  • Czech Republic: PQ19 (Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design & Space) | Brno International Theatre Festival
  • Denmark: Århus Festival | Passage Festival Helsingør
  • Equador: International Puppet Festival, Quito
  • Finland: Jyväskylä Arts Festival | Tampere International Theatre Festival
  • France: Chalon Dan la Rue | Aurillac Festival
 | Grenoble Festival de Theatre European | Festival Performance D’Acteur, Cannes | Theatre Clermont l’Hérault | Theatre D’Arles 
Fest Arts Festival International, Libourn | Festival Rues et Cies Epinal | La Marelle | Maizieres les Metz Lez’Arts Festival
  • Germany: La Strada Bremen, Hamburg & Rothenburg | Kleines Fest im Grossen Garten, Hannover | Welttheatre der Strasse, Schwerte
  • Greece: Kilkis International Puppet & Mime Festival
  • Holland: Oerol Festival Terschelling | Boulevard Theatre Festival | Mooi Wer Spelen, Delft | Rotterdam Street Theatre Festival | Overijsel Op Straat | Karavaan Festival | Artimond Festival Lowlands Festival | Breda Festival | Straatfestival uit Vlissingen | Amersfoorts Theatre Terras | Reuringsfestival Purmerend | Festpiet Udenhout
  • Hong Kong: Hong Kong International Arts Festival | Hong Kong Fringe Festival
  • Hungry: 10th Biennial Theatre Olympiad Budapest | Zsolnay Light Festival Pécs
  • Ireland: Dublin Diversions Festival
  • Italy: Pennabilli Artisti In Piazza | Anderson Festival, Sestri Levante | Montegranaro Festival
  • Japan: Iida Puppetry Festival | Setangaya Arttown Festival | Tokyo Ueno Park Festival | Tokyo
Heaven Artist Festival
  • Jordan: Amman International Theatre Festival
  • Korea: Chuncheon Puppetry festival | Suon Fortress Festival
  • Luxemburg: Esch International Theatre Festival
  • New Zealand: World Buskers Festival, Christchurch
  • Norway: Porsgrunn International Theatre Festival | Vinterfestuke, Narvik
  • Poland: Animo International Festival Kwidzyn | International Theatre Festival, Szczecin | International Theatre Festival, Katowicze
  • Portugal: Lisbon International Comedy Festival | Festival O Gesto Orheludo | Agueda Internacional Teatro Comico Festival, Maia | Frestas Festival, Porto | Festival Internacional de Teatro ACERT
  • Russia: Arkhangelsk Theatre Festival
  • Romania: Sibiu International Theatre Festival
  • Slovenia: Festival Ana Desetnica | Festival Lent | Emona Promenade
  • Spain: Firra Tarrega
| La Merce Festival Barcelona | FITT Festival Tarragona | Veranos de la Villa Madrid | Bilboko Kalealdia Bilbao | TAC Festival Valladolid | Festival International Clownbaret | Internacional de Teatre de Teresetes de Mallorca | Fira Titelles, Lleida | Titirimundi Festival, Segovia
 | Feria Internacional del Títere de Sevilla | Festiclown Santiago De Compostella | Escena Poblenou Festival de Tardor | Festival Internacional De Clown, Madrid
  • Sweden: Stockholm Water Festival | Malmö Festival | Varietegatan Gothenburg
  • Switzerland: Paleo Festival | Montreux Jazz Festival
| Théatre du Passage Neuchâtel | Zurich Theatre Spektakel | Long Lake Festival, Lugano | PlusQ’île Festival, Biel | Montreux Comedy Festival | La Plage des Six Pompes Festival | Lausanne Festival de la Cite | Buskers Bern | Vevey Festival des Artists de Rue | Swiss Comedy Awards Locarno | Sierre Spectacle de Rue
  • Taiwan: Song Song Song Puppet Theatre Festival 

  • Turkey: Izmir International Puppet Festival

  • United Kingdom: Glastonbury Festival | Bristol Festival of Puppetry | Edinburgh Fringe Festival | Jersey Festival of the Arts
  • USA: Palo Alto Theatre festival | Performing the World, New York | New Orleans Fringe Festival 


  • SSA/FARS (Swiss Society of Authors / Federation of Swiss Street Artists) laureat for original street theatre script writing. 2015 & 2020
  • Gent Festival, Belgium: Peoples Choice Prize
  • Brisbane Biennial Festival Street Theatre award, Australia: 1st Prize
  • Swiss Comedy Awards Locarno: 1st Prize
  • Vevey Festival des Artists de Rue, Switzerland: 1st Prize & Peoples Choice Prizes
  • Children’s Jury Gold Star, Summer Puppet Pier, Maribor, Slovenia
  • Feldkirch Gaukler Festival, Austria: Peoples Choice Prize (three times)
  • Sierre Street Theatre Festival, Switzerland: Peoples Choice prize

Panorama Kino Theatre

To see not just look….
To experience not just sense.

Panorama redefines interactive theatre by transforming reality into fantasy and re-mystifying the world we inhabit.

“A cinematic day-dream” Audience member

As Panorama starts to rotate 360º on its own axis, a large window opens to reveal the world outside. Reality starts to shift and evolve, becoming emphasised, distorted or abstracted. A virtual fantasy unfolds as the public work together with the actors to create and tell unique stories.

Best suited for outdoor theatre or as an urban installation
Duration: 100 minutes or as an urban installation
Languages: non-language specific
More Info:
Video link: Panorama Kino Theatre promo video

All Aboard

An interactive parable turning reality into fantasy and blurring the boundaries between observer and performer, Oskar presents a voyage into the great unknown.

“All Aboard can not be described well enough to capture its genius.
It is simply a play that must be seen to be believed”. Arts Hub, Australia 2007

This skilled and delightfully profound parody of the human condition explores the whole wide circle of life and death, wisdom and ignorance, laughter and tears.

“Utterly hilarious, sweet and never failing to impress“. 
Australian Stage, Australia 2007

Best suited for theatre, street or cabaret
Duration: 75 minute theatre production or 45 minutes street show
Languages: Non specific language based
Video link: All Aboard promo video

Moby Dick

Incorporating elements 
of object manipulation, physical theatre, shadow play and comedy, Tom Greder interprets Melville’s epic novel of adventure & obsession with his unique and innovative approach to interactive story telling.

“Sublimely comic. Strong images of a world beyond the merely visual”
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Directed by Philipp Boë, Moby Dick explores the central concepts of arrival & departure, the journey in-between, and the struggle between choice and fate. It is a highly interactive performance suited for mixed ages but with a particular philosophical relevance for adults.

Best suited for theatre
Duration: 70 minutes
Languages: English, non-language specific
Video Link: Moby Dick promo video

Oskar & Strudel

The dexterity and sublime comedy of Oskar meets the musical virtuosity and irresistible charm of Strudel in a classic performance exploring the interplay between control and chaos. For 24 years they have enthralled audiences the world over.

“Impeccable comic timing” Rave Magazine, Australia

Best suited for circus, theatre, street or cabaret
Duration: 6 to 60 minutes
Languages: Non specific language based
More info: 
Video link: Oskar & Strudel promo video


by Trent Arkleysmith | Oskar & Strudel Unplugged


by Trent Arkleysmith | Oskar & Strudel Unplugged

Herr Brouwer Swing

by Trent Arkleysmith | Oskar & Strudel Unplugged


“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. Newtons’ third law of physics is put to the ultimate, thrilling test. 120 ping pong balls meet 120 mouse-traps in Oskar’s dynamic, explosive spectacle. Stand back and witness a science experiment going horribly right !

“Physical control and poignant comedy”. Theatre Australasia

Best suited as an outdoor performance-installation
Duration: 20 to 45 minutes
Languages: Non specific language based

A day at the Theatre

A totally interactive show redefining the notion of theatre. The audience is guided through a series of their own routines which are then orchestrated as a finale.

“Brave, touching and thoroughly amusing”. The Scene, Australia

Best suited for stage, cabaret or circus
Duration: 15 – 70 minutes
Languages: English, French, German, Swiss-German, non-language specific

Adam Had’em

Oskars poignant and irreverent interpretation of the book of Genesis, Adam Had’em explores the big questions of where we come from…and what do we do now that we are here.

“A massage for the soul and the fantasy”Neue Presse Hannover, Germany 

Best suited for cabaret stage
Duration: 15 – 30 minutes
Languages: non-language specific


CORPORATe Highlights:
  • Camille Bloch Chocolates, Switzerland
  • G&P Cruise Hotel Management, Switzerland
  • Swiss Expo.02, Switzerland
  • Newcastle University, Faculty of Education, Australia
  • Triaspect, Switzerland
  • Manpower, Switzerland
  • Adecco Human Resources, Switzerland
  • WEGA Tagungszentrum des Wirtschaftsforum, Switzerland
  • International Press Convention, Brugges, Belgium
  • Siemens, Austria

Corporate interventions & performances

With an emphasis on interactive performances and working closely with organisers and presenters, Tom Greder designs, directs and contributes to presentations, orientation programs, team building and corporate events.

“He literally bewitched and transformed tired or preoccupied faces into smiling, relaxed and attentive ones”. Swiss Expo ‘02

His work with companies promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to events, increasing the active engagement of participants and maximising their immediate & long-term impact.