Tom Greder directs, writes for, advises and mentors artists and companies

to create unique theatre, cabaret, street or corporate performances.  


Companies & Artists :

  • Artistic director of Panorama Kino Theatre – Switzerland
  • Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts – Sweden
  • Nouveau Clown Institute – Barcelona
  • Budapest University of Theatre & Film – Hungary
  • Budapest Puppet Theatre – Hungary
  • Hiša Otrok in Umetnosti – Slovenia
  • SUGLA Street Theatre Academy – Slovenia
  • Emma Ribbing – Sweden
  • Duo Roccoco – Italy / Switzerland
  • Jessica Arpin – Switzerland
  • Matz Hoby – Switzerland
  • Duo Bildhübsch – Switzerland
  • Zircologik Circus School – Switzerland
  • Luca Regina – Italy
  • Francesco Damiano – Italy
  • Belle Etage – Austria
  • Markus Halbig – Austria
  • Circus Wende – Austria
  • Tony’s Imaginary Circus – Australia

directING, dramaturgY AND writING OVERVIEW:

With over 30 years of experience, Tom Greder’s work as director, writer, dramaturg and mentor focuses on challenging, exploring and developing the talents of artists he works with to tell the stories they wish to create and share.

As a writer and dramaturg, Tom researches, creates or adapts stories, shows or sketches which deliver enriching experiences for actors and engaging experiences for audiences.

With an emphasis on physical theatre, comedy, interaction and narrative his work is suitable for professional & amateur artists, theatre groups, circus companies, school projects or corporate presentations.