Tom Greder works closely together with corporate event and workshop organisers to design, create and deliver engaging performances & interventions and inspiring workshops.

CORPORATe Highlights:
  • Camille Bloch Chocolates, Switzerland
  • G&P Cruise Hotel Management, Switzerland
  • Swiss Expo.02, Switzerland
  • Newcastle University, Faculty of Education, Australia
  • Triaspect, Switzerland
  • Manpower, Switzerland
  • Adecco Human Resources, Switzerland
  • WEGA Tagungszentrum des Wirtschaftsforum, Switzerland
  • International Press Convention, Brugges, Belgium
  • Siemens, Austria

Corporate interventions & performances

With an emphasis on interactive performances and working closely with organisers and presenters, Tom Greder designs, directs and contributes to presentations, orientation programs, team building and corporate events.

“He literally bewitched and transformed tired or preoccupied faces into smiling, relaxed and attentive ones”. Swiss Expo ‘02

His work with companies promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to events, increasing the active engagement of participants and maximising their immediate & long-term impact.

Corporate Workshop Highlights:
  • G&P Cruise Hotel Management, Switzerland
  • Michael Page International, Switzerland
  • Nutricia (Danone), Switzerland
  • Swiss Expo.02, Switzerland
  • Baxter, Switzerland
  • Triaspect, Switzerland
  • Adecco Human Resources, Switzerland
  • Nedap Industries, Holland
  • Swiss Post, Switzerland
  • Cambridge Technologies, Holland

Corporate Team-Building & creativity Workshops

With an extensive background in physical theatre and interactive comedy performance, directing and teaching, Tom Greder works closely with organizers in designing and facilitating creativity, team-building & leadership workshops throughout the world.

“Tom possesses an extensive comprehension and an enormous capacity to introduce innovative elements into the project”. Isabel Heiniger & Christoph Breitenmoser – Swiss Expo 2002

The objective of the workshops are to maximise individual & group communication and creativity within the given parameters of a company methodology.

By exploring theatrical elements inherent in all interaction and communication, participants discover not only their own identity, strengths and limitations, but also those of the people around them. The result is an honesty and intuitive sensitivity which encourages an inclusive, flexible approach to people, ideas and situations.