Performing Artist, Theatre Director, Workshop Teacher, Arts Advocate.

Performing Artist

Award winning interactive performances.

Theatre director

Physical theatre, circus & comedy.

Workshop Teacher

Physical theatre, comedy & creativity workshops.

Corporate interventions

Workshops, team building, events and presentations.

Arts advocacy

Organisation, consultation & mentoring of artists, projects, festivals and cultural events.

“Physical control and poignant comedy”.
Theatre Australasia


Tom Greder is an itinerant artist focused on interactive contextual physical comedy. Born in Switzerland and raised in Australia, his style draws heavily on contemporary European theatre, street performing and circus traditions.

As a solo performer or working together with others, Tom writes for, contributes to, directs and performs for contemporary circus, theatre & street productions, festivals, cultural initiatives, films, workshops & corporate events throughout the world.

“Utterly hilarious, sweet and never failing to impress”. Australian Stage, 2007

As a director and teacher, he has established himself internationally for his innovative approach to creativity, comedy and physical theatre.

“Sublimely comic. Strong images of a world beyond the merely visual”
South China Morning Post, Hong Kong

Over the past 34 years he has spent half of his time in Europe, half in Australia…and half somewhere in-between.