Tom Greder conducts theatre, physical comedy, character, Play, creativity, school, in-servicing and corporate team & leadership workshops throughout the world. 

  • Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Sweden
  • CODARTS Circus School Rotterdam
  • Nouveau Clown Institute (NCI), Barcelona, Catalunya
  • Budapest University of Film & Theatre Art, Hungary
  • Flemish Centre of Circus Arts, Antwerp, Belgium
  • CIPA (Centre for the Investigation & Pedagogy of Acting), Spain
  • Performance d’Acteur Festival, Cannes, France
  • CCHAR (Centre de Création Helvétique des Arts de la Rue) Switzerland
  • Max Planck Institute, Göttingen, Germany
  • Festival of New Circus, Zagreb, Croatia
  • SUGLA Street Theatre Academy – Slovenia
  • Australian National Circus Festival, Australia
  • Queensland Theatre Company, Australia
  • Espai Piluso, Barcelona Catalonia
  • Comicodeon Festival, Kapfenberg, Austria
  • Teatr Znak, Gdansk, Poland
  • Jyväskylä Arts Festival, Finland
  • Tampere International Theatre Festival, Finland
  • Festival International Clownbaret, Tenerife, Canary Islands
  • New Orleans Fringe Festival, USA
  • Performing the World, New York, USA
  • Festiclown Masterclass, Santiago De Compostella, Spain
  • La Plage de Six Pompes Festival, Switzerland
  • Cliniclowns National Conference, Vienna, Austria
  • Wollongong Womens Circus, Australia
  • The Humour Foundation (Clown Doctors), Australia
  • Sir Lesley Wilson Youth Detention Centre, Australia
  • Slipstream, Spaghetti & Warehouse Youth Circus, Australia


Based on ‘Play’ as being the fundamental expression of human creativity and the foundation of all meaningful interaction, the workshops promote a clarity of expression and a liberated, empowered stage presence for all those who want or need it. 

“Toms ideas extend contemporary educational thinking on what matters most in teaching and how to stimulate powerful learning for all students”.
Professor Jenny Gore. Director,
Centre for Professional Learning in Education. Uni. of Newcastle, Australia

The inspiring and challenging sessions are suitable for anyone who wishes to explore & gain deeper insights into their latent talents & abilities, unlock their creative potential and enhance the impact of their work as artists and story tellers. They are conducted in English, German, Swiss-German or French.


Discover and utilise the full range of your creative resources.
Develop a more articulate, meaningful and personally relevant form of expression in your work…and laugh while you do it !

“The workshop opened up a whole new world for me“. Lauren Flannery, Hobart

Toms’ distinct approach focuses on the relationship between the ‘Person’, ‘Character’ and ‘Artist’ in all of us. By understanding, exploring and harmonising the often conflicting nature of these “inner voices”, participants gain a clearer awareness of themselves, their talents and their creative process.

The individually tailored workshops explore and promote creative abilities, latent talents, self-awareness and effective communication and are conducted in English, German, Swiss-German, French, Spanish or with a translator.


As a qualified movement teacher (BHMS Ed. University of Queensland, Australia), Tom Greder has been conducting school & youth workshops throughout the world for the past 28 years. His wealth of experiences as teacher and award winning performer allow him to offer a rare experience into creativity and the language of theatre.

The workshops are designed and conducted to make the exploration of theatre an enjoyable, informative and inspiring experience.

“I just couldn’t stop and the words just kept coming out of me”. Chris, 14 years old

The individually tailored workshops explore and promote creative abilities, latent talents, self-awareness and effective communication and are conducted in English, German, Swiss-German, French, Spanish or with a translator.

  • G&P Cruise Hotel Management, Switzerland
  • Michael Page International, Switzerland
  • Nutricia (Danone), Switzerland
  • Swiss Expo.02, Switzerland
  • Baxter, Switzerland
  • Triaspect, Switzerland
  • Adecco Human Resources, Switzerland
  • Nedap Industries, Holland
  • Swiss Post, Switzerland
  • Cambridge Technologies, Holland

Corporate team-building & creativity workshops

With an extensive background in physical theatre and interactive comedy performance, directing and teaching, Tom Greder works closely with organisers in designing and facilitating creativity, team-building & leadership workshops throughout the world.

“Tom possesses an extensive comprehension and an enormous capacity
to introduce innovative elements into the project”. 

Isabel Heiniger & Christoph Breitenmoser – Swiss Expo 2002

The objective of the workshops are to maximise individual & group communication and creativity within the given parameters of a company methodology.

By exploring theatrical elements inherent in all interaction and communication, participants discover not only their own identity, strengths and limitations, but also those of the people around them. The result is an honesty and intuitive sensitivity which encourages an inclusive, flexible approach to people, ideas and situations.